The ability to profit from the internet has been the key to thriving in the post-COVID environment. For any multinational company or home-based worker, earning money in the new normal is significantly done in the same manner – online.

When COVID-19 hits the world economy last year, movement restrictions forced people and companies to take advantage of the internet more than ever. Consumers grabbed their phones and shopped online. Patients took advantage of virtual pharmacies, and online movies became the norm. Companies that saw the future of e-commerce early and acted on it reaped the benefits. Enterprising individuals who braved the digital world, on the other hand, adjusted by embracing remote work from writing and editing, e-marketing , web designing, data entry, and lead generation, to name a few.

But what can you exactly do to profit from the internet in the new normal, and what do you need to start right away? This article provides you with five viable options to make money from the internet. These options could spell the difference between surviving versus thriving in the new normal.

Freelancing: A great way to profit from the internet

With the skills required by clients, you can profit from the internet. Companies can imagine freelancing as a buffet of skills and experience. They can hire a worker for a specific task within a particular period, without the need for offices, desks, and computers. Individuals can choose what to do and when to work in their own homes without the hassles of commuting. You can do various tasks and get paid for them, eg, data entry, technical writing, editing and proofreading, video editing, online tutoring, and working as a virtual assistant. Requirements: fast computer, stable internet, extra monitor, coffee and lots of discipline.

App development

Skilled IT professionals can exploit firms’ requirements in the digital world. Not only did app developers step up for developing COVID-19 apps, but also in apps for deliveries, fintech, e-consults, shopping, and marketing. As consumers and patients keep using their mobile apps for daily purchases and transactions, businesses have also turned to apps to generate more revenues. As a result, app developers can expect to get their hands full. Requirements: super-fast computer, stable internet, and mad coding skills.

Website development and management

Even if we are all fully vaccinated, people’s virtual presence will never go back to the pre-pandemic levels. For this reason, developing websites is another way to profit from the internet. More than just getting paid for putting it up, people can make money by managing sites as well. To make money, you need to build traffic, sell, blog, and promote your site on social media. Requirements: fast computer, stable internet, host, template, excellent content, and bad-ass web design skills.

Once you have your website, affiliate marketing is a fantastic option to earn money. In real life, you can make money by displaying products from other sellers on your racks. However, in affiliate marketing, you allow advertisements on your site, and you earn from purchases made by your site visitors. In addition, Google AdSense is another option for website owners. Similar to affiliate marketing, you need to drive traffic to your site to earn. Google AdSense lets you profit in return for hosting the ads through clicks from your visitors. Requirements: fast computer, stable internet, website, ads, AdSense account, Gmail address, payment setup, AdSense code, lots of exciting content.

Social media management

A more direct way to increase traffic to your website is through a kick-ass social media presence. For example, you can embed your own YouTube channel on your site. As your supporters increase, so does traffic to your website. You earn from YouTube by monetizing, ie, allowing YouTube ads in your videos. You make money as more visitors click and view your videos.

Moreover, you also earn from your website-hosted marketing as YouTube viewers click on links and buy items through your affiliate marketing. In addition, website traffic improves significantly by having multiple social media accounts, eg, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram. You’re probably on numerous social media anyway (who isn’t?). So why not use that to drive traffic to your website and earn more? Requirements: Multiple social media accounts, fantastic online personality, and lots of time!

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