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To develop or not to develop an ecommerce app is one of the most confusing decisions that most business owners face. As you run a successful e-commerce store, it will reach a point where you will find it inevitable on the need to create a corresponding app.

Having an ecommerce app benefits your business tremendously and could be the transformation you’ve wanted for a long time. For starters, more people are on mobile devices than their computers. That means they are likely to purchase an item from the mobile app if they had it installed. Additionally, it just sounds convenient to simply launch an app and begin browsing for products opposed to having to type complete ecommerce store URL through the browser.

3 benefits of ecommerce app

Different e-commerce store merits evaluated suggest that having an app is more beneficial than not having any. Among the benefits to expect include:

1.Helps create loyal audience

In the world of online shopping, having a loyal base of customers is a crucial differentiator between your business and its competitors. Creating an app for your online store builds brand loyalty since more people prefer apps that their favorite companies or brands create. With a mobile application, you are able to create a stronger connection between your online store and existing customers. It also forms as a way to create a bond with potential buyers.

Remember that creating an app does not necessarily translate to people downloading it. Instead, you would have to adopt strategies that can motivate them to download and install the application. Some of the ways to do so include offering exclusive proposals and limited discounts for those installing.

Apps are well known for enhancing usability of online stores. One thing about the modern consumer is that they hate all kinds of inconveniences. Whereas websites may be slow and discourage consumers, apps often load faster. They can also be designed stylishly and bright to attract an increasing number of customers.

Creating app can help drive user engagement. Using the mobile app, you can encourage smartphone users to share your store’s link to their friends and their social circles. That gives a cheap platform to market your products and/or services to new audiences. Any loyal customer who has the app installed will not have a hard time helping push your products through the market. When you create special offers for those who install your app, they will gladly share links to your website.

2. Ecommerce app empowers you to create brilliant marketing strategy

When you design a smart mobile app, you can brilliantly monitor user interactions without being intrusive about it. It allows you to gather crucial data that can inform your marketing strategies. With this advantage, you could personalize your message so that the consumer feels that you are speaking directly to them instead of the general audience. Precise communication of your message is a vital tool that would deliver better results as far as marketing is concerned.

The mobile app can leverage smartphone features for engagement and interaction. For instance, you may include a feature that allows your customers to use built-in camera to showcase their friends their latest purchase. This is done in a couple of few clicks unlike in the case of a website where achieving the functionality would be a hard thing to do.

You may also incorporate voice recognition functionality in the e-commerce store app for navigating through menus. Also, remember to ask them to subscribe to newsletter. All these are done in a bid to achieve more user engagement.

When you have a considerable number of potential customers installing your app, you can increase conversion through push notifications. As opposed SMS, push notifications are a cheaper marketing channel and eliminate the need to maintain a database of user’s mobile numbers. In addition, push notifications are always accessible to users as long as they have not disable notifications, making these more effective than email or SMS.

3.Lower rate of cart abandonment

Getting your customers to purchase through the mobile helps reduce the rate of cart abandonment. Research shows that the percentage of cart abandonment breaks down as follows:

Mobile sites – 97%

Desktop sites – 68%

Mobile app – 20%

With such a low rate of cart abandonment, it explains why more sellers are looking into developing apps for their e-commerce store.

Using mobile app to place an order simplifies the whole checkout process. The app tracks customer preferences when they checkout the first time. During the next purchase, this preference would be suggested as the primary means, saving them from the hassle of having to re-type details that they had used before. Such an undertaking simplifies the process of completing an order because this is done in a few clicks.

If you have a proper understanding of what is e-commerce store, then you know that customers in this world can get impatient pretty fast. Subjecting them to complicated checkout processes would have them drop the potential order without second thought. The ecommerce app reduces steps in the checkout process, which translates to lower cart abandonment.

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